Family Command Center: A Tool for Busy Households |
Family Command Center: A Tool for Busy Households

Family Command Center: A Tool for Busy Households

The busier you are, the more you need a family command center.


If your schedule is so jam-packed that it has an uncanny resemblance to a can of biscuits (breaking at the seam), you need a family command center in your life. What is this “family command center” of which we speak, though? Probably just a calendar, right? No, no, my friend! It’s everything you need to keep your household running smoothly--from a place to hang your keys to a monthly schedule to a convenient note-taking tool, and so much more. Forgotten dates and miscommunication? Those are things of the past.

Make Your Family Command Center Extra Fun With:

  • Decals
  • Mirrors
  • Magnets
  • Goal Charts
  • Calendars
  • Weekly Schedules
  • And More!

Easy Installation





"I love the layout of the Susan and the white vs black boards. I was worried how clean the boards would get from the chalk markers, but they clean off so easily!! Love it! It has all the space for exactly what I wanted to keep our family organized!"

Sara Danielson

10 SEP 2020

"Love my wall unit. Very organized and practical. Looks great. Doesn’t take up too much space, yet is jam packed with areas I can use daily. Well done. My office area looks amazing. Getting lots of compliments! "

Jane B

12 Oct 2020

"I absolutely love The Brooke and the whole Thrive system. It’s an organizational dream. Will purchase more and refer to all my friends and family! Thank you Thrive for creating such an ingenious and beautiful product."


18 SEP 2020

3 Family Command Center Ideas to Level Up Your Household


Family command centers are especially handy for busy people like yourself. The question is: how does it work? Here are a few family command center ideas to get started:

#1: Celebrate and pin your family’s wins on a stylish corkboard.

Let me get this straight: Jennie was elected class president, and Ryan aced his book report? Those are causes for celebration (and perfect ways to use your family command center!). Pin any awards and achievements like those on a medium corkboard. It works with any size of wall organization system--long and lean (like The Henry) or wide and full of possibilities (like The Sarah).


#2: Pack the kiddos’ sports schedule into a sleek monthly calendar.

How is one to keep up with the soccer scrimmage schedule, basketball tryouts, and football games? Don’t even get me started on parent snack days. Gahh. Busy, busy, busy. Fortunately, by applying one of our limited-edition 12-month calendars to your family command center, you can outline every sport season, making things a whole lot easier for the fam. (Bonus: Our calendars are made with top-quality materials and feature trendy accents, such as gold foil, that make them impossible to ignore.)


#3: Track your steps with liquid chalk markers on a clean weekly schedule.

Anyone else feels like it’s 876,986,456 times easier to workout when you get the instant gratification of writing your progress down after? If you don’t have an extra hour for the gym, see if you can sneak in some steps throughout the day. Wear a pedometer, and note your steps on your weekly calendar after work. Liquid chalk markers make it fun. (Oh, and psst… They’re so easy to clean, you’d think they were magic.)


How to Choose the Best Family Command Center Wall

So, you want to hang your family command center on the slim wall on your entryway? Good news: you can! 1Thrive carries wall hanging organizer in both wide and vertical layouts, making it easy to choose your family command center wall. Select whichever command center style you love the best—The Sarah in her minimalist glory or The Harry in his practical, go-getter design. You’ll win no matter what.


Select a space-efficient family command center today. (You’ll thank yourself soon.)


You know just the place for your family command center wall. Now, it’s time to put things into action. Remember: 1Thrive family command centers pack a whole lot of amazingness into one wall hanging system. Choose whichever layout you like. You won’t pay a penny for shipping.