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What makes 1THRIVE unique?

1THRIVE is a unique lifestyle brand founded by a passionate and diverse group of individuals. We are planners, parents, bullet journalists, goal setters, and just like you, we were looking for a solution to the chaotic world our busy lives can create. 1THRIVE was born from looking at what is out there and wanting to create something not only beautiful, but something that would change the face of wall organization – and give back the greatest gift to families and individuals a like: the gift of time.

1THRIVE Command Centers offer a streamlined footprint and a simple one-wall mount frame that saves valuable space & time in your home. The systems come in two sizes, wide and long, because we know each space is different.

Our Designed For You pre-designed command centers offer multiple preset configurations, and each included component modular so you can further customize your setup. You are the master of your organization with the ability to determine the placement of your white and black 1WRITE boards, cork, file holders, mail storage, hooks and cups. We also offer a Designed By You experience, which allows you to select your ideal configuration row by row for a wide or long system.

And, just like each 1THRIVE Command Center has its own personality, we know you do too, we also offer an array of décor items in both our Gallery Wall Décor and Accessories Shop so you can truly personalize and bring your 1THRIVE to life with magnets, affirmation cards and other décor pieces to complement your space and lifestyle.

What is 1WRITE?

1WRITE is not your mother’s dry erase or your teacher’s chalkboard. Our unique 1WRITE boards offer a premium matte, magnetic finish and are “wet erase,” which means they’re designed to be used with the included in-house tested 1WRITE “1-For-All” Sky Duo Liquid Chalk Markers. Our markers can be used on both the white & black 1WRITE boards, in addition to the header of your base – one marker for all surfaces! Except your cork, of course. We have over fifteen colors in our marker palette to choose from.


How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with your tracking number. Simply click on that tracking number to check the shipping status of your order. If you’re unable to locate this email, or have a question about your tracking number, you may email us at

How can I change or cancel my order?

You may notify us via within 48 hours of placing your order if you would like to cancel for a full refund to your original method of payment. Orders received after this 48 hour window may not be able to be cancelled before our packing and shipping process has begun.

Shipping & Delivery

What shipping options are available?

We offer shipping throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, via national carriers, with most in-stock items delivering within 1-2 weeks of being ordered.

How soon will my command center ship?

Most in-stock command centers ship within a week of receiving your order. Please note that any command centers on backorder will experience a slight delay in being shipped out. The approximate ship time is noted on both the individual product pages as well as your order confirmation.

An automatic email with your tracking information will be sent out once your order is in transit. You’ll be thriving in no time!

How soon will my accessories ship?

Due to logistical limitations during this time, your accessories – including any add-ons, markers and decals – will ship separately from your command center. You’ll receive a separate automatic email with your tracking information once your items have shipped.

If you only received part of your order – not to worry, the rest of your order is on its way! You may always email us at for an update, we’d love to chat with you.

How do I change my shipping address?

In the event of an address change, please email as soon as possible. You must request an address change prior to scheduled ship date so we can send your items to the right address!

Can I expedite my shipping?

We know you want your 1THRIVE command center & accessories as soon as possible (we would, too!) However, we currently do not offer expedited shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Can I ship to a PO Box?

Currently, we don’t ship to PO Boxes. Please email us at so we may update your order and ship it accordingly.

Can I ship internationally?

Currently, we do not ship internationally, but this is something we are looking into. Please send us an email at so our team can take your feedback into account.

My product arrived damaged. What do I do?

First, we do apologize that you received a damaged item! We will of course make it right. Please reach out to us at as soon as possible. We offer replacements for any components that arrive in damaged and/or less than acceptable condition at no charge to you.

Please include any photos of the damaged product so our team may confirm which exact components we need to send out to you. This also helps us track damages and work toward improvements for current and future customers.

Gifts & Gift Cards

How do I purchase Gift Cards online?

To purchase a gift card online, visit: and follow the instructions on the screen.

Am I able to return an online Gift Card?

Unfortunately, we do not accept electronic Gift Card returns.


How do I install my 1THRIVE command center?

Phase 1: Connect Your Frame

  1. Remove both the upper and lower magnetic frames from your shipping box.
  2. Locate the included black metal screws (2) and Allen wrench (shaped like an ‘L’) inside your shipping box.
  3. Locate the pre-drilled holes at the ends of your upper and lower magnetic frames. PRO TIP: The lower frame will have a “male” end. The upper frame will have a “female” end that fits onto the lower frame.

  4. Resting your lower frame on a flat surface, line up the ends of your frames and slide the upper frame onto the lower frame until the ends are flush against one other.

  5. Place a screw in each of the pre-drilled holes near the middle of your frames.
  6. Insert the Allen wrench into the screw head and turn clockwise a few times until the screw is secured snugly into your frame. Do the same for the other side.


Phase 2: Install Your Frame

  1. Locate the included silver screws (2) and white wall anchors (2) inside your shipping box.
  2. With a screwdriver and level, screw two holes that line up with the pre-drilled holes in your upper frame near the header.
  3. Hook your frame onto the two screws.


Did You Know?

Our components come with pre-installed hanging hooks on the back that hang easily on the magnetic frame base. Each component can slide or be removed for cleaning or to move them around for a new look and feel. We designed the system to be flexible for your busy lifestyle. You have the power to make your 1THRIVE work for YOU!

How do I install my Custom Decal?

Watch this video for a step by step of preparing and applying your Custom Decal to your 1THRIVE.

You may begin designing your very own Custom Decal by visiting our design page here.

How do I hang the components on my base?

1THRIVE components come with pre-installed hanging hooks on the back that hang easily on your base. Each component is modular and can slide or be removed for cleaning or to move them around for a different look and feel.

We designed your 1WRITE to be flexible for your busy lifestyle. You have the power to make your 1THRIVE work for YOU!

What is the overall size of each command center?

No need to break out your tape measure — we’ve got you covered! Our wide systems measure 30.50 inches wide x 36.43 inches high. Our long systems measure 16.00 inches wide x 48.93 inches high.

Can I hang a 1THRIVE command center on the side of my fridge?

Both our wide and long command centers are designed to be hung from walls using the included hardware – four screws and four anchors, if needed.

Our long command centers can be installed over traditional-sized doors with our Over The Door Brackets for easy no-holes installation in under five minutes!

What types of components do you offer?

We designed our 1THRIVE command centers to make organization and productivity simple and easy for you!

Please note that the size and availability of the below components will vary based on which command center you select.

Meet our components that help you do just that:

  • Magnetic Metal Base
  • Black 1WRITE Board
  • White 1WRITE board
  • Corkboard
  • File Holder
  • Mail Storage
  • Magnetic Mirror with Shelf
  • Metal Cups
  • 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers – which can be used on both our white and black 1WRITE boards

Cleaning & Care Instructions

How do I clean my white and black 1WRITE boards?

To clean your white and black 1WRITE boards, we first recommend thoroughly wetting a paper towel and wiping in a circular motion across the entire surface where you’d like to erase your writing. The ink from your 1WRITE liquid chalk markers will smear, but not to worry, this is a part or the process. You may do a second or third swipe with a wetted paper towel to ensure all of your ink is wetted and ready to be wiped away.

Once your boards are wetted and the ink smeared, take a microfiber towel and completely wipe away the smeared ink and dry your wetted 1WRITE boards.

We recommend waiting approximately five minutes to ensure your 1WRITE surfaces dry completely before writing on them in order to avoid the ink running.

PRO TIP: if you’re doing your “monthly reset” or Sunday setup, you may use baby wipes or Windex to thoroughly remove any remaining ink from your 1WRITE boards.

How do I use my 1WRITE “1-For-All” Liquid Chalk Markers?

To “prime,” or use your 1WRITE markers for the first time, watch this video for a step by step process to ensure your markers are ready for use.

When using your 1WRITE markers after they have been out of use for a few days or weeks, we recommend priming them in the same way demonstrated by the video, by tap-tap-tapping them on a dry paper towel to wet the tip of your marker.

PRO TIP: Flip the tip of your marker from “bullet” to “chisel” to give your writing some extra flare.

Where can I buy more 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers?

We offer an array of different 1WRITE marker colors, all of which may be viewed here in our Accessories Shop. 

Can I use other liquid chalk markers on my white and black 1WRITE boards?

The only “wet erase” markers we recommend are our 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers.

Please refrain from using dry erase markers, traditional chalk, permanent ink, pencil or any other form of writing utensil.

We spend a significant amount of time testing all of our 1WRITE markers before offering them to our customers. To that end, we only recommend the markers offered on our website, as they underwent several weeks of in-house testing by our team at HQ.

Can I use chalk on my black 1WRITE boards?

No. Your black 1WRITE board surfaces are specifically designed with a matte finish to be used with our 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers. They are not made to be used with chalk.

Please note that using chalk on your black 1WRITE boards may permanently mar their surfaces and damage them.

If you have any further questions regarding your 1WRITE boards, please reach out to our team at

Can I use dry erase markers on my white and black 1WRITE boards?

No. Your white and black 1WRITE board surfaces are specifically designed with a matte finish to be used with our 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers. They are not made to be used with dry erase markers.

Please note that using dry erase markers on your white and black 1WRITE boards may permanently mark their surfaces and damage them.

If you have any further questions regarding your 1WRITE boards, please reach out to our team at

Which surfaces on my 1THRIVE command center can I write on?

With your 1WRITE markers, you may write on:

  • Your black magnetic base header
  • All white and black 1WRITE boards
  • Mirrors

Which surfaces are magnetized?

If only we could magnetize everything! The frame, top of frame, blackboards, file folders, small envelope holder, and the buckets are all magnetized.

Product Details

Designed For You

What is a pre-designed command center?

Our Designed For You collection of pre-designed command centers offer an array of command centers, both wide and long, with pre-included components.

These command centers were thoughtfully designed and composed after weeks of testing from our early 1THRIVErs, a close-knit group of wonderful ladies living in Missouri, US.

These ladies are also the namesakes of all of our original pre-designed command centers, including Brooke, Sarah, Casey, Susan, Taylor and Henry (who was the son of one of our testers!)

Can I swap components in pre-designed command centers?

While we do not offer swaps of components for Designed For You command centers, you are more than welcome to browse our Designed By You experience, in which we offer over a thousand different configurations so you can design your wide or long command center row by row.

How do I customize my pre-designed command center?

All 1THRIVE components are modular, which means your pre-designed command center layout can be moved around and changed to suit your organizational and aesthetic needs. You may also view our Accessories Shop for additional add-ons, markers, toolkits and decals to add more personality and flare to your 1THRIVE.

I need help selecting the right command center. Who can help me?

We would be thrilled to help! Please email our team at and provide as much detail as possible in regard to your organizational needs, aesthetic preferences and any other information you think would be helpful and a design consultant will be in touch with our best recommendations for a thriving solution.

Accessories Shop

What is the Gallery Wall Shop?

Our Gallery Wall Shop offers six unique collections to perfectly complement your 1THRIVE and home decor. 1THRIVE is your one-stop shop for all things organization and home decor.

Which accessories work with my command center?

All 1THRIVE command center components are modular, which means they can be moved around on all three rows of your 1THRIVE.

What kind of markers do you offer?

We offer our in-house tested “wet erase” 1WRITE “1-For-All" Liquid Chalk Markers. All 1WRITE markers receive extensive testing before we release them to our community to ensure they meet and exceed our quality standards.

You may browse our available 1WRITE markers here.

What are toolkits?

Toolkits are your answer to ready-to-go customization of your 1WRITE boards and magnetic metal base.

Our Essentials Toolkit includes two 1WRITE Liquid Chalk Markers, affirmation cards, vinyl magnets, black magnetic clips, glass magnets and wooden pushpins.

Our Kids Toolkit includes two 1WRITE Liquid Chalk markers, affirmation cards, vinyl magnets, gold magnetic clips, motivational magnets and glass pushpins.

What kind of decals do you offer?

We offer Custom Decals for your 1THRIVE header in an array of colors and font styles so you can truly deck out your command center to match your personality. Begin designing your decal here.

Promotions & Discounts

Do you have a loyalty and/or referral program?

We value our customers more than anything and we are always trying to surprise you with promotions and discounts! Luckily, we offer exclusive discount codes here. Of course, we want you to spread the word about 1THRIVE so make sure to share your pictures on social media (yours and ours!) and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.

Do you offer any discounts?

Check out our page here for exclusive discount codes. As always, make sure you follow us on social media because our team loves surprising our 1THRIVErs with flash sales and giveaways!

Press & Partnerships

Where has 1THRIVE been featured?

1THRIVE has been featured in a variety of publications including US Weekly, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, PureWow, Pregnancy & Newborn, Scary Mommy, Hunker, Reader’s Digest and from our valued partners.

How do I partner with 1THRIVE?

Here at 1THRIVE, we are always looking for new partners and new ways to reach our audience.

If you’re interested in partnering with us as an influencer, please send us an email at

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, please submit your application on Share-A-Sale here.

Email us at, and we will be glad to give you more details on all the ways you can help us spread the love!

Returns & Exchanges

Can I return or exchange an item?

If you ordered a Designed For You pre-designed command center, your items must be in their original condition and packaging to be accepted. Please notify us at within 30 days of delivery to be eligible for a refund or store credit. Shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from this process.

If you ordered a Designed By You custom command center, please note:

  • Due to the custom nature and dedicated picking, packing and shipping processes associated with a Design Your Own Command Center, we do not offer exchanges or swapping of one component for another.
  • Although custom items are typically not accepted, we understand that sometimes things change and you’d like to go another route with your organizational needs.
  • To this end, you may notify us that you’d like to return your Design Your Own Command Center within 30 days of receiving it.
  • For returns, a $30 shipping cost plus 20% restocking fee will apply.
  • You may instead choose to receive store credit for your return. A $30 shipping cost will be deducted from the store credit. Full refunds unfortunately will not be accepted, as this is a custom item.

If any item(s) arrives damaged, please email us at and we will take care of you! 

What is your warranty?

We provide a 90-day guarantee for parts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We’re always here to help!

Connect With Us

Where can I find more tips on how to organize my life?

We’ve carved out an entire section dedicated to bringing you up to date content in the world of organization, goal setting, and thriving. Head on over to 1THRIVE365 to learn more.

Where can I follow you on social media?

  • You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. 
  • We also offer a warm and inspiring community where you can garner inspiration from other 1THRIVErs just like yourself over at our Facebook community, The 1THRIVErs. 

Contact Us

I have a question. What’s the best way to get in touch?

Our working hours are M-F from 9-5PM EST, and you can reach us at It can get lonely in the office sometimes, so we love chatting with our customers!


Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and like-minded folks to grow our administrative, marketing and social teams. Please send us an email at with your interest if you think we’d be a good fit.