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WHAT IS THE MARKER BUNDLE? What’s better than one marker trio? How about a bundle of four trios! Our Northern Lights, Jewel, Macaron, and Neon Marker Bundle will elevate your 1THRIVE Entryway Wall Organizer to the next level. 

*WHAT IS 1WRITE? 1WRITE is not your mother’s dry erase or your teacher’s chalk board. All 1WRITE Boards come in a premium matte finish, designed to be used with our 1WRITE Liquid Chalk Markers for a vibrant, smudge proof yet easy to erase experience. 

*WHAT ARE 1WRITE 1-FOR-ALL MARKERS? Our 1WRITE 1-For-All Liquid Chalk Markers can be used on ALL 1WRITE board surfaces, including all white 1WRITE boards, black 1WRITE boards, mirrors and the magnetic 1WRITE header of your base. 


  • Wet Erase 
  • Reversible Tip 
  • Vibrant 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Water Based 
  • Smudge Proof 
  • Easy to Erase 


  • One (1) Sage 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Violet 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Sapphire 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Amethyst 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Rose Quartz 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Amber 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Apricot 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Cotton Candy 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Raspberry 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Electric Green 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Purple Reign 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Hot Pink 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chanda Bala


Stephanie Corbett

Love the colors
Some of the blues stay on my board when I use just water and a paper towel. They emailed me to say use baby wipes which did work but only after quite a bit of effort.

Thank you for your purchase. Sorry to hear you had some issues with your board.

Quality is very important to us, as is communication with our customers. We are actively working to improve our products based on feedback from our valued customers such as yourself and do appreciate you taking the time to leave such a detailed note here for us. It’s vital to help us improve, and we know we would be nowhere without our community and customer base.

Please reach out to our CS team at if you have any questions or if we can be of any help.


Timothy Lyons
The command center, in style

We’ve always used a command center. We purchased items from the office big box and it worked. But not exactly.

Not that we’ve got our Susan on the wall, we are running a bit more smoothly, and in style.

This command center has all the elements we wanted, and it flows much better with our decor.

The chalk markers are great and what an improvement over dry erase. Now it’s harder to smudge off an important reminder.

All in all our new 1Thrive command center is an upgrade in function, a major upgrade in style and we are very pleased!

Hello Timothy!

So happy to hear you are loving your Susan! Staying organized and looking good!


Amelia Russin
Too Big

I love my Rachel Board. It fits well in my small space. However the black calendar is so small, I wish there were Extra Fine Print markers available through 1Thrive. I see some on Amazon, however, I'd like to stick with the 1Thrive. Will Extra Fine point tips ever be created through the company? I hope so!

Hi Amelia,

We're sorry to hear that the markers aren't working for you. Have you flipped the tip from the Bullet to the Chisel tip on the markers?

We recommend using only our 1WRITE markers, and It's best to shake them so they're primed. Here's a video that might help show you how to best use them!

Please let us know if you need help with anything else!

Yvette Lane
Fun add on

Received the bundle markers and excited to add some flare to board. The only drawback is that most colors are not visible on the black boards. I orders the black monthly board and had to switch back to white weekly board. Not a big deal but I probably would not have ordered so many. Love the system otherwise.

Hi Yvette!

Sorry to hear you are having trouble using your markers. We suggest you prime the markers before using. Not just the first time using them but especially if they have been sitting for a while and not being used. We find that doing this 'wakes' the markers up and primes them for proper use.

Check out this Reel: Flip Tip 1THRIVE Markers

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding our 1WRITE boards or our 1WRITE Liquid Chalk Markers – we are here to help!