A home command center is the productivity tool you didn’t know you were missing.
The Home Command Center: Productivity’s Best Friend

The Home Command Center: Productivity’s Best Friend

A home command center is the productivity tool you didn’t know you were missing.


Here at 1Thrive, efficiency is everything. There’s something about sneaking five minutes to jot down to-dos (while trying to avoid all the Legos on your kitchen floor) that really makes you feel like a superhero. (Where can we get a cape?!) Now, with your new home command center, you can put all your ideas into action. That means you can feel less like a hot mess and more like a parent who has it together.

Easy Installation




What exactly is a home command center?


A home command center (AKA a wall command center) is an organization system that goes right on your wall. First, you mount the frame in place. Then, you add all the components you want (plants, hanging cups, and more). Check, please!

You might be thinking, “Why do I need a home command center when I have a wall calendar?” Well, my friend, a wall calendar is part of the fun. Our home command centers include calendars, schedules, to-do lists, and much more. The goal? It’s simple: to keep you and your family ahead of schedule and on track so that you never forget little Timmy's snack day, and you remember to pick up Susie’s dress from the seamstress just in time for the big dance.

At the same time, you can write out all your family’s meal requests, pencil in a few of your own (is ice cream for dinner still a thing?), and list the week’s groceries (wine, please). Oh, and that chore list you meant to create? Our home command centers have space for that, too. You get a little bit of everything you need to organize the household. All your family must do to see what’s going on for the day is peep at the board on their way out.


Wall Command Centers: Features and Benefits

No wall command center is complete without a monthly calendar, goal chart, and to-do list. What are some benefits of wall command centers?

We’re glad you asked.

#1: They’re customizable in every way.

You can add your last name, month name, or mission to a custom decal at the top of your wall organizer. You can also include just about every accessory you can think of, such as a corkboard for photos from your latest family vacay.

#2: They’re fun and trendy.

When we design our organizers, we think, “Hmm, what features would make my life easier?” Practicality is the goal, and our contemporary designs and bold colors make things even more interesting. If you’re looking for a modern home command center layout with minimalistic vibes, we’ve got just the thing.

#3: They’re beginner friendly.

Spoiler alert: our home command centers are hassle free. We know. We know. You wanted something complicated, right? Sorry, friend. Our home organizers are so simple to put together that your toddler could probably do it (with supervision, of course).


Tell us again why you haven’t gotten your home command center.


A home organization system is, second to none, the best way to feel like you have it together. Get yours today from 1Thrive, and become as efficient as that Pinterest-perfect parent you always envied (or fake it till you make it).


"I love the layout of the Susan and the white vs black boards. I was worried how clean the boards would get from the chalk markers, but they clean off so easily!! Love it! It has all the space for exactly what I wanted to keep our family organized!"

Sara Danielson

10 SEP 2020

"Love my wall unit. Very organized and practical. Looks great. Doesn’t take up too much space, yet is jam packed with areas I can use daily. Well done. My office area looks amazing. Getting lots of compliments! "

Jane B

12 Oct 2020

"I absolutely love The Brooke and the whole Thrive system. It’s an organizational dream. Will purchase more and refer to all my friends and family! Thank you Thrive for creating such an ingenious and beautiful product."


18 SEP 2020