Marker Pack

Marker Pack

Marker Pack

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WHAT IS THE MARKER PACK? What will you love more than our marker collections? How about a bundle of three trios! Our Back To Basics, Jewel, and Macaron Marker Pack will help create a color-coded work of organizational art for your 1THRIVE Family Wall Organizer.   

*WHAT IS 1WRITE? 1WRITE is not your mother’s dry erase or your teacher’s chalk board. All 1WRITE Boards come in a premium matte finish, designed to be used with our 1WRITE Liquid Chalk Markers for a vibrant, smudge proof yet easy to erase experience. 

*WHAT ARE 1WRITE 1-FOR-ALL MARKERS? Our 1WRITE 1-For-All Liquid Chalk Markers can be used on ALL 1WRITE board surfaces, including all white 1WRITE boards, black 1WRITE boards, mirrors and the magnetic 1WRITE header of your base. 


  • Wet Erase 
  • Reversible Tip 
  • Vibrant 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Water Based 
  • Smudge Proof 
  • Easy to Erase 


  • One (1) Amethyst 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Rose Quartz 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Bourbon 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Apricot 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml) 
  • One (1) Cotton Candy 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Raspberry 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Electric Green 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Purple Reign 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
  • One (1) Hot Pink 1WRITE 1-For-All* Liquid Chalk Marker (0.28 oz | 8.28 ml)
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      Customer Reviews

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      NATALIE Hunter

      A couple of markers don't work nearly as well as the others for some reason. Also, a few colors barely show up (true blue and emerald green for example).

      Thank you for your purchase!. I'd be happy to walk you through how to get the most out of our 1WRITE “1-For-All' Liquid Chalk Markers.

      Here’s a quick overview of how to use them:

      1. Remove the cap.
      2. With a scratch paper towel, tap the tip into the paper towel to 'prime,' or saturate, the felt marker tip with the ink.
      (You may need to tap-tap-tap when using the markers for the first time after a while.
      3. Write away to your heart's desire on your 1WRITE board.

      You’re welcome to check out this video on YouTube as well if you’re more a fan of visual learning:

      To clean, you may remove your board and lay it on a flat surface. Use a microfiber towel and some water (or Windex!) to wipe the marker off your 1WRITE boards. PRO TIP: Flip the tip of your marker from “bullet” to “chisel” to give your writing some extra flare.

      Please email if there’s anything else we may do to assist you – and happy thriving!

      Candice Trites

      Marker Pack

      Katie Murdock

      Marker Pack

      Claudia Glover
      As advertised

      I love this set. It is light weight and easy to install. The different sections have helped us to stay organized. It looks very nice too. My kids love to update it each week. I have noticed that some colors don’t come off as easily but overall I’m very pleased.

      Kayla R.

      Markers write nicely on the boards. Pricey for what they are, but they do the job.