How To Style Your Home Command Center For Springtime
How To Style Your Home Command Center For Springtime

How To Style Your Home Command Center For Springtime

The start of a new season means getting your 1THRIVE Home Command Center up to speed with your goals, plans, and priorities for the coming weeks and months.

With the introduction of The Harper and The Audrey pre-designed home command centers, we are extremely excited to introduce our first ever family wall organizers that sport white magnetic frames and white wood trims and backings on all of their modular components. With the interchangeable nature of all that comes include with Harper and Audrey there are countless ways for you to style your living space as well as your home command centers to your liking.

These two new additions to 1THRIVE are arriving in April and May respectively, but there is no better time to begin brainstorming, planning out a family vision board, and putting gallery wall décor items in your cart as soon as possible!

If you already have a 1THRIVE Home Command Center hanging up in your home – not to fear! We’ve got you covered with a wealth of new wall organizer’s accessories our team has been working hard to bring you this spring.

Arriving in May, 1THRIVE is pleased to announce the launch of its Gallery Wall Décor Shop, which will offer six unique collections that will spice up your space and ensure your home looks chic, classy, and elegant throughout the Spring season and beyond. The six wall décor collections include Modern Farmhouse, Glam, Boho, Minimalist, Industrial, and Kids Decor.

And nothing says “springtime” like a checklist to not only keep you organized as we head into the new season, but to also give you inspiration on how to style your 1THRIVE Home Command Center and surrounding space to your liking!

Here’s how we like to break it down:

1. Select Your 1THRIVE Home Command Center

Depending on the vibe and design you are looking to achieve for your living space, picking out the 1THRIVE Home Command Center that will fit your needs is key. If you’re interested in a Modern Farmhouse decor where you can design your space with inspirational quotes and a rustic touch, look into The Susan, The Brooke, or The Sarah Command Center.

If a more luxe or minimalist look is more your style, we recommend our newest wall organizers additions to the girl gang, Harper or Audrey.

Once you pick out your Home Command Center, you can then begin styling your home exactly how you envisioned it for yourself, your friends, and your family.

2. Decide Which Style Suits You

For a clean and minimalist aesthetic that will suit your Audrey and Henry Home Command Centers well, we recommend beginning with our Minimalist Collection. Or, if you’re interested in a more cultivated vibe, the Industrial Collection will definitely suit you and your affinity for darker metals.

The point here is that no matter what style you are looking to achieve, one of the six 1THRIVE Gallery Wall Décor Shop Collections will be for you.

3. Start Planning and Fill Your Shopping Cart

Once you pick out your home command center and decide which style you are looking to achieve, now is the time to start envisioning the items you want on your walls and surrounding your home command center.

Browse our Wall Organizers Accessories Shop to pick out any other items that might strike your fancy, from additional storage, to decal and magnet customization. When it comes to decking out your 1THRIVE so it has as much personality as you, we’ve got you covered.

While our mission began with one wall in one home, 1THRIVE’s offerings have expanded beyond to encompass any wall you’re looking to add a little more personality and pizzazz to.

Now is the time to make your house feel like a home. The items you put in your cart and then lay out on a vision board will soon come to life over the course of this Spring season.

Overall, there are many ways to style your home and your 1THRIVE Family Command Center this Spring. Once you have your vision in mind and know how you want to execute it, get to shopping and make your organization and aesthetic dreams come true!


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