Kitchen Command Centers Make Life Easy |
Kitchen Command Centers Make Life Easy

Kitchen Command Centers Make Life Easy

Kitchen command centers are for busy families like yours. 

Does this sound like you? 1,000,000+ action items with nowhere to put them. Tons of unused walls, specifically in the kitchen, that need a little love. Missed appointments and back-and-forth texts with your kids and spouse trying to figure out the week’s schedule. Eek. If you resonate, one of our kitchen command centers can do just the trick. It’s like a day planner—only better. And you can customize every component, from the materials to magnets.

Give Yours a Personal Touch With:

  • Fun Calendars
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Goal Magnets
  • Decorative To-Do Lists
  • File and Bill Holders
  • Hanging Cups for Kitchen Utensils (Or a Succulent--Who Knows?)
  • And More!

Easy Installation





"I love the layout of the Susan and the white vs black boards. I was worried how clean the boards would get from the chalk markers, but they clean off so easily!! Love it! It has all the space for exactly what I wanted to keep our family organized!"

Sara Danielson

10 SEP 2020

"Love my wall unit. Very organized and practical. Looks great. Doesn’t take up too much space, yet is jam packed with areas I can use daily. Well done. My office area looks amazing. Getting lots of compliments! "

Jane B

12 Oct 2020

"I absolutely love The Brooke and the whole Thrive system. It’s an organizational dream. Will purchase more and refer to all my friends and family! Thank you Thrive for creating such an ingenious and beautiful product."


18 SEP 2020

First thing’s first: why a kitchen command center?

If there’s one thing that 1Thrive is known for, it’s making organization easy peasy. We believe that planning can really up your game, and when you have a central place to put everything, it’s easy and possible to stay on track.

Here are some reasons to create custom kitchen command centers:


#1: You do your best thinking when (and where) there’s food.

Think about it. How many times have you headed into your kitchen to grab a snack before working on a big project? Or snatched up your laptop to take your work to a coffee shop to do a little “life and business planning” (AKA binging your favorite Netflix show with headphones in) while your SO held down the fort for a few hours?

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: food helps your productivity. Why not give your productivity an extra boost by putting your command center in the heart of the house (the kitchen)?


#2: The family circulates in and out at least three times per day.

We know your morning is not complete without your bagel and fancy chive cream cheese you didn’t have on your grocery list but couldn’t help but buy because the packaging was “so cute.” Throw in lunchtime with your famous PB&Js or mac and cheese, depending on how many phone calls you need to make that afternoon.

And we can’t forget dinner. That’s at least three times a day each person is in the kitchen, not including snack time. That means plenty of opportunities to check the kitchen command center (or kitchen command centers--yes, you can get more than one) for to-dos.


Best Kitchen Command Center Organization Ideas

From a stylish notes section for your morning gratitude journaling to bulletin boards for all your friends’ business cards, our wall organizers have everything. Choose your favorite kitchen command center wall or cabinet, and get to work with one of these fun organization ideas:


#1: Need-to-Buy-But-Keep-Forgetting List

Sure, you might have a notepad on your fridge for your groceries, but how many times have you misplaced that? Create a section in your command center with an exact grocery list so that you know what to buy and when you’re about to run out of ingredients. You can save trips to the store and get all your things in one easy run.


#2: Meal Prep Inspo

You’ve wanted to meal prep for a while. Why not start now? Our kitchen command centers have room for lists of every kind, from meal prep ideas (hello, chicken and green beans) to healthy recipes. It’s like Pinterest in your kitchen.


Productivity begins in the kitchen. Make your own kitchen command center today.


1Thrive’s kitchen command centers are a piece of cake to install (and gorgeous to look at). You mount them on the wall and insert your favorite components. They’re affordable, family friendly, and full of ways to make them your own. Get yours today from 1Thrive, and pay zero dollars in shipping.