Use Daily Routine Planners To Achieve Your Goals
5 to THRIVE: How To Create A Daily Routine & Stick To It

5 to THRIVE: How To Create A Daily Routine & Stick To It

The kids are yelling. The news on the TV is blaring. The toast in the toaster is burning. We’ve all been there. We get it. Mornings can be hectic.

Who are we kidding? Mornings, afternoons, and nights can all be stressful. Luckily, 1THRIVE has the perfect solutions to keep you organized and get you into a routine all day every day.

Our 5 to Thrive Tips to get you into a routine:

  • Set goals for yourself
  • Change your mindset
  • Be patient
  • Track your progress
  • Reward yourself

Decide what needs to be in your routine

What do you want to get out of your new routine? Add in a daily workout (or a daily nap.) Set small, attainable goals. Write them down and keep yourself in check with visual reminders. Progress over perfection will move you closer to your dreams.

1THRIVE’s daily routine planners are the perfect place to write out your goals. Writing these goals down visually will hold you more accountable and ensure that you keep them top of mind on a daily basis, moving you closer toward achieving them all!

A new perspective on daily routines

Instead of dreading mornings, change your mindset. Mornings can be fun (once you find your way out of bed, and to the coffee machine.) Don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get creative with your breakfast creations, and always remember to make a cup of coffee. Watch your favorite show with your kids before they head to Zoom school.

Throughout the day, remind yourself of your intentions, goals, and values. These shouldn’t be scary. Get excited about the possibilities to get more organized – because the possibilities are truly endless, and so is your potential. Write down positive affirmations on a blank space on your 1THRIVE. We also recommend using fun colors to make your board pop – have you seen our latest color coding bundle?

 Be patient

It can be hard to break into a routine. Life keeps throwing new challenges in our way, and this year in particular, we know, has been hard on a lot of people. Some days we might click snooze on our alarms a couple (or five) too many times. But it’s ok! Progress over perfection, remember?

One bad day won’t get in the way of progress, and you can still get into a routine. Just pick yourself back up and try again. 1THRIVE’s daily routine planner will help you keep up with your goals. Don’t get discouraged if one day isn’t perfect. There’s always tomorrow!

Track your progress

Create a visual representation of your daily goals. Cross off your tasks once you’ve completed them. (Is there anything more, satisfying, really?) Set yourself up for success by downloading and printing out 1THRIVE’s daily routine planners or writing your tasks big and clear on a blank space on your 1THRIVE Command Center.

A record of your progress will show you how much you’ve grown, and keep you going during those extra heavy snooze mornings. Pin your planner to your corkboard on your 1THRIVE to track and recognize the progress you’ve made.

Reward yourself

After a long stressful week, break out the ice cream, put on your favorite rom-com, and relax – after the kids are tucked in, of course. And congratulate yourself on making it through the entire week. It’s no easy feat.

1THRIVE has your back through all the chaos

The Brooke strikes the perfect setup to get you and your family into a routine, with plenty of space to jot down important dates on her whiteboard calendar, a weekly blackboard to manage the schedule for the day’s ahead, and conveniently located cork for you to pin your daily routine planner.

 Here is what’s included with Brooke

  • Large Magnetic Frame
  • Monthly Whiteboard Calendar
  • Weekly Blackboard Calendar
  • Corkboard
  • Hooks Strip
  • Two Black Cups
  • Two 1THRIVE Liquid Chalk Markers

 Learn more about Brooke:



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