Unboxing 1 THRIVE Wall Organizers by Crystal Ransons

Unboxing 1 THRIVE Wall Organizers by Crystal Ransons


Hello, do you see the giant box behind me?

Well, we are going to unbox this! It’s called a 1THRIVE Command Center or Wall Organizer that is completely customizable, for your family’s needs. It has to-do lists and cork boards and liquid chalk pens. It also has a little mail slot, here is one that has a mirror, they have a little shelf. 
I think it is so cool! It's super modern and it's going to fit in with my decor. It’s going to go into our mudroom hallway area. I'll show you later once I get it out of the box. We're doing an unboxing because I think you guys will love this. It’s so cool! I saw it like a year ago and I HAD to have one.
What comes with my Wall Organizer? 

  • There is weekly list board, where you can put any appointments coming up or your family’s schedules
  • I wanted one that has a to-do list so, I can just write what I need Scott to do.
  • There is also a little cork board, and I'll probably put some pictures or if you have an appointment card something like that.
  • And what I really needed was this mail and papers organizer with little hooks because our biggest issue is finding our keys.
  • Little buckets which are to hold the liquid chalk pens that you get with the command center. These are all chalk markers which come off really clean. They are offered in a bunch of different colors, like the macaron. 

There it is! Everything you get with a 1THRIVE Wall Organizer.

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