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Top 3 Father’s Day Gifts: Make Dad Feel Warmer and Fuzzier Than His New Quarantine Beard

Top 3 Father’s Day Gifts: Make Dad Feel Warmer and Fuzzier Than His New Quarantine Beard

We have 3 ideas to help you with Father’s Day gifts

  • Remind Dad of all the good times ... even through difficult times
  • Give Dad a break by taking a load off his plate, literally
  • Make Father’s Day more than one day a year

Dads do so much for us.  Sometimes we forget to acknowledge all that they do for us, or simply don’t know the best way to express our love and gratitude!

Dads (and some awesome Moms too!) have taught us a lot.  They taught us how to ride our bikes, how to be strong and resilient, given us some solid advice when we were fighting with our besties and even taught us about their music (yes, Led Zeppelin is a legendary rock band and not the name of some kind of strange blimp). Some Dads have a quiet, gentle, Clint Eastwood style to them that just always makes us feel like everything is going to be alright. 

Whichever type of Dad is in your life, I think we can all agree that our husbands, brothers, first-time fathers, and single fathers, do their best to guide our children every day to make good choices and we are here to say, you rock DADS!

Today, we wanted to give you some fun ideas for special ways to make Dad feel appreciated.

1. Get Dad laughing and smiling with a handmade memory book

The best gift is always going to be one that comes from the heart and has sentimental value. Create a scrapbook, or photo album, showcasing all the precious memories you’ve shared over the years. These are great for your older dads too who need to feel connected with their loved ones so much right now!

Get the kids involved by including their artwork, funny quotes, and warm photographs into the book. (I remember Dad fixing things around the house and Mom making fun of him because his butt was showing ... awkward!). AS the years go by, Dad will love to look back and have a good laugh at cute drawings, embarrassing baby pictures, and funny times. Think about how challenged we have all been recently, but still have found times to connect as families and find laughter where we can.

You can have it all typed and printed via websites like Snapfish and VistaPrint if you want it to look extra fancy. But, there’s something to be said about the homemade scrapbook look too, especially if you get the kids to decorate it with things they’ve collected with their dad over the years. (Mom don’t do this all by yourself! Get your co-worker kids in on the action!)

2. Take some stress off Dad with self-care or take on his honey do list

It’s a particularly awkward time for gift-giving, considering a lot of us are still in lockdown. We can’t give gift cards to their favorite restaurants, but we can order things online.

Has Dad given up on shaving during the stay at home orders? Maybe a beard kit is just what he needs. Yes, I promise you there is a smile under that beard somewhere and he just needs the right grooming tools.

You can also create a fun coupon book with your kids just for dad. Gift him free reign of the remote, or “cave time” to catch up on a favorite read or that DIY project he’s been wanting to try out. Here are a few other ideas he might like:

  • Yard day (lawn, trees, weeds, all ages welcome here)
  • Taking out the trash for a week (someone’s gotta do it — so, help dad out here!)
  • Car wash (Summer + Water Hose = Busy Kids)
  • Foot massages (While watching his favorite fishing or car show of course!)

3. Remember that it’s not just about one day

The best celebration is taking each day to show all the father figures in your life how much they mean. Everyone deserves a random gift every so often, and every day is the perfect time to share special memories and long hugs.

If the family leads a particularly busy life, plan at least one special day every month to get together and have fun. We are all so stressed and busy right now, and the key is to mark your calendars each month and agree as a family that you will do something for Dad. He might want a day to himself to go fishing or be with the family at a park riding bikes. Even a Netflix day on the couch is ok! Each family is different and so are our Dads, and we love them for their uniqueness.

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