Find More Time for Yourself
Time Bank Robbery: Steal a Little Time for Yourself to THRIVE

Time Bank Robbery: Steal a Little Time for Yourself to THRIVE

Key takeaways:

  • Show time theft who’s boss
  • A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Make it a date
  • Prioritize the important things

Coming up with a plan to get organized can help you find more time for self-care

Pssst … hey, guys, I’m not trying to start anything, but it’s starting to feel like time is not on our side.

Look, I don’t have any proof, but if it was, wouldn’t it slow down every once in a while, so we could catch up? Or, actually forget catching up, so we could have some guilt-free moments of relaxation?

And don’t even get me started on the signs of aging once you hit 35. It seems more like time is that fake friend who tells you that you’ll look great with bangs when it knows darn good and well that you won’t. We can’t trust it.

So, I have a plan, but we have to be cool about it to make it work. It’s going to require tiny little baby steps that will help us steal time back for ourselves. Getting organized and putting a 1THRIVE Center to work is going to let us create a little surplus of time and space to use however we see fit – here’s how.

Deal with what you can immediately

Procrastination is your biggest competition when it comes to time theft. Sure, putting something off until later feels good for a moment, but it will catch up with you. Fight the urge to delay by putting a system in place to take care of the little things right away.

Resist the urge to hold on to junk mail. Why, oh why do we all do this! Sort your mail over the garbage can and immediately dispose of what’s not important instead of setting it aside for review. You already know it’s junk, so get rid of it!

While you’re sorting, you can place all your bills into your 1THRIVE Center’s envelope holder, so they’re readily available during weekly budgeting time.

Sign permission slips right then and there and write the date on your calendar. Streamline the process of dealing with incoming paperwork into as few steps and places as possible. It may not seem like a lot, but little increments of time add up quickly.

Assign a place for everything

Although the advice above is good, if we do say so ourselves (and we will), there are a few things that just can’t be dealt with right away and must exist in a state of “to do later” limbo.

A dedicated file folder that is visible without being intrusive or untidy gives you an immediate place to corral the contents of your to-do pile, without adding to your mental clutter.

Giving yourself permission to do things later is okay – as long as “later” is defined as a specific time. Create folders labeled with various categories such as to do, recipes, homework, house repairs, etc., and set a weekly, monthly, or quarterly due date for reviewing the contents of that folder and taking whatever action is necessary.

Keep a schedule

You need a calendar, and it should be somewhere that doesn’t allow you to forget its existence. Online calendars often seem like the best clutter-free option, but they’re easy to ignore.

Even if you have notifications set, if that reminder pops up while you’re busy, it can be forgotten. How does that provide a long-range view of your life and activities?

Hang a calendar in a central location, an area of your home like your kitchen or office, and immediately add dates from any invitations or incoming paperwork, as well as a deadline for cleaning out the aforementioned envelope holder.

Prioritize appropriately

Taking time off to relax isn’t solely for those who have already accomplished everything else. It’s actually one of your responsibilities. If your home is spotless, every appointment kept on time, and all your laundry is finished AND put away (miracle of miracles), but you’re on your last nerve and haven’t sat down to read a book or play with your kid in a year, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate what’s truly important to you.

If you’re one of those people who can somehow do it all, let me offer a sincere congratulations. If you’re not, allow me to inform you that you’re perfectly normal, and you still deserve time to relax.

Reducing the clutter around you can help reduce the clutter within you. Clear your countertops and your mind by finding a system that can help conquer your paperwork woes and go have some fun with the time that you’ve stolen back for yourself.

1THRIVE creates beautiful, customizable command centers with interchangeable components that support your efforts to live a more organized life. Find your ideal 1THRIVE Center here and follow us on Facebook for more advice on living your best life.


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