The Practice of Gratitude, Affirmations & Wellness this Thanksgiving Season

The Practice of Gratitude, Affirmations & Wellness this Thanksgiving Season

Time to Reflect and Show Thanks

Trust us when we say we want 2020 to end just as much as you do; however, we also recognize that this is the season of giving, showing thanks and reflecting on the past year while looking forward at what’s to come.

And if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve come out stronger, better, and more thoughtful than before.

Practicing gratitude and affirmation might not seem so simple to everyone, but there are many benefits to it. With 1THRIVE, you can regularly remind yourself of the importance of showing thanks and reflecting on the positive experiences ahead.



The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude and Affirmations

According to Happify, there are multiple benefits from noticing and recognizing the importance of gratitude in your daily life. Happify mentions that an interesting way to express gratitude is by being social about your practices. For some, this might be to write gratitude letters to members of their family or friends. Whatever method you choose to show thanks to the people you’re sincerely thankful for will benefit you in the long run.

With 1THRIVE, you can express your gratitude this season with The Susan. The small to-do blackboard along with the empty whiteboard gives you the opportunity to express your thanks in a public setting to your loved ones. Writing little messages each day will not only lead to your constant reflection, but it will leave your friends and family grateful for the little notes of affirmation that are left for them on the 1THRIVE home command center.

It’s not easy to manage all the ins and outs of a family under normal circumstances, and under the extraordinary situation that this year has presented, we feel it’s now more important than ever to remind our community of the importance of practicing gratitude and communicating how much your loved ones mean to you – no matter how small or short the note, it will go far.



Wellness is Important—Make sure you Implement it!

This year has been filled with some of the most extreme highs coupled with many lows. At times, it might have even been hard to focus on yourself and your own priorities, which ultimately leads to more stress and little productivity, and most certainly some missed or mixed signals when it comes to communication.

1THRIVE’s home command centers can be used for many things but keeping track of goals and wellness is something that many of our community utilize these wall-organizing command centers for, and it is bound to lead to more mental organization and a healthier lifestyle overall. Creating more physical space in your live can pave the way for more mental clarity – and we’ll always be here for that!

Hanging up The Henry right next to your vanity and keeping track of important goals and affirmations on the blank canvas of his ‘Notes & Do’ can help set you and your day up for success. The Clean Eating Couple tells us that self-care is so important, and there are so many ways to practice it and incorporate wellness into your lifestyle. There is no better time to start than during the season of giving and thankfulness, and there is no better way to implement it than with a 1THRIVE home command center.

Quarantine may be over, but self-care and healing is an ever progressing journey. What better time than this season of reflection and giving to truly remind yourself of what’s important in life? 2021 will be your year, and we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving season ahead!


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