September Craft
September Craft

September Craft

Oh the leaves are so beautiful when they change color in the Fall! I wish I could just collect them and display them in my house -but wait- you can! Try this simple Autumn Window Cling Craft and show off the beautiful colors of nature!


Clear Contact Paper (you can find this at the Dollar Tree!)
Construction Paper (Optional)
A Child to forage leaves for you

First things first, collect fallen leaves! This is a fun activity while on a walk or at the park, but your local backyard leaves will work just as well. Cut the clear contact paper into the shape and size you would like to display. You will need two pieces the same size. Start applying the leaves to the sticky side of the contact paper. I love to mix up the colors but there are no wrong ways! Once the area is completely covered, place another piece of the contact paper on top. This will create the window effect. Using the construction paper, you can create a fun border.

We cut a leaf shape but any shape works! Tape/glue it all together and hang in a window with lots of sun! Or you can add it to your !Thrive organizer!

No time to craft? No problem! Just head to our Printables page here. Just print and color our fun leaf activities!

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September Craft
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September Craft


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