How to Harness Your Organization Skills to Set Your Holiday Budget
How to Harness Your Organization Skills to Set Your Holiday Budget — and Stick to it

How to Harness Your Organization Skills to Set Your Holiday Budget — and Stick to it

Gone are the days of spending hours upon hours in the mall finding the perfect holiday gifts. Well, at least for now! Thanks to online shopping, we can now find amazing presents while we’re sitting on the couch with a tub of ice cream and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

However, we have to resist the urge to spend all our savings on those gifts. It can be tempting to add items to our carts until they are way too full. Once we get to the checkout, that number can be overwhelming. 1THRIVE is here for you to help you navigate the stress of holiday shopping.

Our best advice for budgeting for the holidays:

  • Get organized
  • Plan in advance
  • Be flexible

Stay organized despite the chaos

We get it. Holidays are stressful, especially these days. Scheduling holiday get-togethers (or Zoom reunions), shopping for your loved ones, cooking delicious meals. It’s a lot of work. You’ll want to break out a glass of wine after a long day of planning.

Here’s where 1THRIVE comes to the rescue. Our printables help you keep your money organized and budget on track appropriately for the holidays. Now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Writing your plans down visually will hold you more accountable and ensure that you stick to them!

Use our holiday budget planner to visualize your expenses or write reminders down big on your 1THRIVE. It is so much easier to remind ourselves of our goals when we can physically see them instead of trying to keep track of all those numbers in our head. If you’re like me, math may not be your strong suit.

Planning is key

Give yourself a game plan before entering that store’s URL in your search bar. Remind yourself of what you really need. (This can be tough, we know.) Think of a list and write it down. A 1THRIVE System is the perfect place to keep track of your list and have a visual reminder. Pin your list to your corkboard or write it clearly on your board — with colorful markers of course.

Plan out how much you want to spend on gifts, how much you want to spend on food, and how much you want to spend on decorations. Remember to write these all down on your holiday budget planner to remind yourself.

Be flexible and remember to enjoy yourself

Flexibility is essential! Set limits for yourself but don’t restrict yourself from buying the perfect gift you know your loved ones will appreciate.

Your holiday budget planner and 1THRIVE are here to keep you on track but sometimes you can’t always follow the rules. Get yourself that fancy pair of shoes you love. (We won’t judge.)

We want the holidays to be the best no matter how strange these times are

Make holiday shopping a bonding experience. Spend time with your family to find adorable holiday decorations and work together to plan your favorite holiday meals. Together, write down your ideas on your 1THRIVE Board (and feel free to color code)!

At the end of the day, warm yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, turn on your favorite holiday movie, and sit by the TV with your loved ones and some cozy blankets. You deserve it!

1THRIVE has you covered through the holiday chaos

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