How to Prepare for Back to School Season
Let’s Go! It’s Nearly Back to School Season: How to Prepare for Anything and Everything

Let’s Go! It’s Nearly Back to School Season: How to Prepare for Anything and Everything

The future is unclear, and no one is 100% sure if students will be in class, distance learning, or a combination of both, but now is the time to prepare

5 ways to THRIVE:

  • Practice the school-run
  • Ask their school about social distancing measures
  • Discuss what they’ve learned, and what’s scaring them
  • Write out a schedule
  • Make sure they have every supply they need

Though the COVID-19 pandemic is still on-going, lockdown restrictions are being gradually lifted. Soon it’ll be time for kids to head back to school, possibly in person. Get ready to pop those champagne bottles and gas up the carpool tank.

Ah yes, precious free time, we’ve missed you!

Getting the kids back into a routine will be a little intimidating at first, but it’ll become second nature just like before. You’ll get a chance to breathe easy and get back to that elusive normality that we’ve all been missing lately.

In the meantime, guess whose shoulders it falls on to get kids ready for the post-COVID school system ... yours. Social distancing, the excitement of a new grade level, figuring out the elusive first-day outfit (second-grade impressions MATTER). It seems like a lot of work, but, in reality, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

We’ve put together a handful of tips on how to make the transition between digital and in-class learning a cinch.

1. Time to get out of bed (sigh)

    Can you even remember what the morning school run feels like? (Not going to lie, it’s been nice not driving in traffic.) The last few months have been a festival of lie-ins, pajama parties, and staring at computer screens.

    We’ve chatted before about forming good habits, and getting up early is a habit easily made (as much as we really, really, really would prefer to stay in bed). It takes around 68 days to form a bad habit, and kids have been off school for over 100 days so far. That’s a lot of bad habits floating around. Reversing it is way easier than you’d think though, it just takes moxy!

    A good way to knock the first day run outa the park is to do a dummy run in advance. A week or so before their first class set their alarms to their usual school wake-up time. I know, I know, what a way to spend their last few mornings of freedom, but it’ll be worth it.

    2. Talk to your kid’s school about social distancing measures

      Learning will feel a lot different now, especially since they’ll have to keep their distance from other kids and even their favorite teachers. Each school will have different guidelines but stress the importance of handwashing leading up to the first day. Yes, we know, you’re probably exhausted repeating yourself on that, same.

      Get in contact with your school and ask what safety measures are going to be taken, as well as what your kid is and isn’t supposed to be doing. Make sure your child knows the rules before their first day and that they know that if they break these rules, the virus has a chance to spread.

      3. Have a caring chat

        There’s no cookie-cutter way to deal with the change. Some kids will be rearing to start, and others will be nervous. A few days or so before class starts is a great time to recap everything you’ve been trying to drill in.

        Your teaching method, or the method of the online classes they were taking, are most likely very different from what the in-person classes are going to be. Refresh them on the concepts they learned in the last few months of school, they’ve had a lot going on. Their teachers will appreciate you so so much. (Brownie points for when the “dog ate the homework”?)

        4. Write out a schedule with them

          As soon as class schedules are posted, have them write down all of their classes, teachers’ names, and what homework is for which class. This will make them feel more comfortable on day one!

          Having them write up their own schedule will also get them motivated to learn. Our Susan is perfect for kids as they can write down school timetables, study guides, reminders, and decorate with their shining report cards. And hey, we may love our kids, but we also love time away from them. Giving them a way to help themselves stay on top will give you more time to relax.

          5. Make sure they have everything they need

            Most schools will send out a list of supplies for the new year. Have your child create a checklist on their command center of what they need to start the year off right. We know how easy it is to panic buy school supplies, but I assure you, your kid won’t need a fountain pen or ten packs of paper clips.

            The day before their first day, make sure everything is packed and ready to go. (Don’t forget to “borrow” a sparkly pen for yourself!) Have them lay their outfit on a chair, so it’s easily accessible the next morning. If they pack a lunch, make sure it’s ready to go.

            If anything does go wrong, then that’s fine too. You have hundreds of school days to get it right. And most importantly, the most vital piece of advice we can offer you is to celebrate; you deserve it!

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