How To Make A Vision Board That Works For You
How To Make A Vision Board That Works For You

How To Make A Vision Board That Works For You

A year surrounded by the ongoing state of quarantine has ended, and the transition into 2021 has officially begun. And while for many, quarantine is still in their vocabulary, the trees have now lost their leaves, the air is becoming crisper and colder, and the excitement surrounding resolutions and renewed sense of hope has begun. It is only fitting that the introduction of a new year brings a blank slate and a fresh start for you and your family to set goals, share visions, and keep each other motivated!

Now is the time to get into the spirit of the season and use your 1THRIVE Command Center to bring your ideas to life. Not only are vision boards enjoyable to make, but they lead to inspiring projects and to the ongoing pursuit of reaching your biggest and most important goals.

Here are some ways you and your family can use a vision board this season to continue to be inspired and motivated by the small pictures and phrases you paste on your command centers.

Find your vision!

Whether you have plans to bake a new fall recipe each week, or decorate your house for the upcoming holidays, the medium cork board on The Brooke will be there to help you pin your visions down and stay committed to reaching every goal you set.

Laying out the foundations to your vision is vital in order to stay focused and open-minded. Additionally, visions are always tangible! Just because you are setting goals for yourself or for your family based on ideas doesn’t mean that they are not attainable. Vision boards do allow you to exercise your imagination; however, says they also help to create a more vivid version of your ideal life. 

Putting it all together…

Once you have a clear vision in mind, it’s now time to find the things that inspire you the most. Print out images, inspirational quotes, and any messages that resonate with you and your goals. To get you into the vision board spirit this season, our 1THRIVE printables will keep you in check and help you plan out and visualize everything that’s on your mind.

If you’re interested in keeping up your vision board for the fall, the Northern Lights Marker Collection gives off the perfect glow for the new year. Decorate your board with this marker set, and you are sure to love everything you write down.

Vision Board

Refine and Reflect!

After you have the perfect vision board set up for the October season, make sure you are constantly looking back at what you put down for yourself and change it to your liking.

Your vision board will always be a work in progress, and that’s okay! Our goals are constantly changing, and we must accept that and adapt as we move forward. Regardless, you are in charge of your visions. 

It is important to stay focused, positive, and eager to learn and grow from the vision board you made for yourself or your family. If you take the time to reflect on everything, you are sure to grow. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we must persevere through the challenging times and stay positive. Creating a vision board for yourself will not only help you reflect on the past year, but also look ahead at what’s to come this season and moving into the new year.


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