Guess Who’Homework is Back! Tips to motivate the Kids s Back, Back Again. Homework’s Back, Tell a Friend!
Guess Who’s Back, Back Again. Homework’s Back, Tell a Friend!

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again. Homework’s Back, Tell a Friend!

You want the homework done without a fight

It seems so simple... and yet, in the words of the real Slim Shady, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.” AKA, this is your chance to take control of the situation!

Bet you never thought a ’90s rapper would be giving you homework advice in the 21st century… but what can we say, it’s been a wild year, so here we go!

Our best advice for getting homework done, before midnight, and without WWIII breaking out is this:

  • Make a plan with your student
  • Organize a visual aid 
  • Offer rewards for good behavior

Last school year is history, don’t dwell on what the issues were. Learn from them, and make a plan! 

If your student is back in a classroom, we all know the first week or two of school is the “meet and greet” phase. This buys you some time if you haven’t made a plan for how after school is going to go.

If you are part of the Virtual Learning Warriors this school year, then you have a little more leeway for this planning period. Technical difficulties, anyone? We feel you there.

Either learning model is going to require organization and some bribery to make it through the school year (mostly) unscathed. Parents and kids need to band together to figure out a course of action that will benefit both entities.

Find a good time to have a chat, offer some cookies if you want to sway your opponent, soon-to-be comrade, and get down to business

Step 1: Homework is a necessity. We know it sucks, but remember, we had to do it without Google, so count your blessings.

Step 2: The faster it’s done, the sooner you’re free to leave. This is important. Arguing and dragging your feet will only prolong the inevitable.

Step 3: I will do my best to help if you need me, but we might both end up watching YouTube if it’s math beyond basic arithmetic.

Step 4: REWARDS! If you can both get through a week without bloodshed, give your kiddos something they want. Basic bribery goes a long way!

There should be zero mystery in this relationship

If you want your children to succeed, they really need a command center. One place they can keep track of school assignments, sporting events, friend’s (socially distanced) birthday parties, even with virtual learning, there’s a lot to keep track of! Especially as they get older.

For older school kids, you should check out the vertical 1THRIVE Centers that can hang from any door (no holes needed!) The Rachel is perfect for a student who has a lot going on. This system has it all: 

  • Monthly blackboard
  • Weekly whiteboard
  • Corkboard
  • Envelope holder 
  • 2 liquid chalk markers 
  • 2 metal cups so they don’t lose said liquid chalk markers

There will seriously be zero excuses for why homework isn’t done once your kids have finished with all that organizing!

If your little is school-age, you can check out our add-ons for your already rockin’ 1THRIVE Center. It’s a big deal to have your own weekly whiteboard when you’re seven! Having a visual motivator works wonders for adults, so of course, it’s great for kids, too! The sense of ownership can be very empowering.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Kid

Now that you’ve discussed the proper steps to achieve homework enlightenment and provided a new command center where no work could possibly be forgotten, it’s time to negotiate the ransom. 

Remember when you were naïve, childless, and you thought, “my future child is never going to behave like that,” as you watched a toddler completely decimate a shelf at the grocery store? Well, now that you’ve left that beautiful fantasy land, and you’re living among the sleep-deprived, coffee-driven tribe of parenthood, you’ve more than likely discovered the beauty of bribery.

So, how much is it worth to you that this homework is done without a battle? And how cheaply is your student bought off?

You could take this opportunity to teach your child about compromising, debating, striking a good deal, and so on. Maybe start your homeschooling journey with a lesson on “outsmarting your opponent.” However, when that opponent is you, it’s not nearly as fun.

Or you could see what little reward you can get away with while still holding your child’s interest. Candy or food treats are usually great for younger kids. For older kids, it might mean more time on electronics, or precious social time with their dearly missed friends.

Either way, keep the reward front and center at yours or your child’s command center. Every day that extra hour of Xbox time on Friday night will be staring them in the face, mocking them with every vocabulary test. It’s perfect, really.

We want our kids to succeed, and with most things in life, that means hard work and discipline

Homework is just one of the many things you will force your child to accomplish, hoping that one day their own child provides equal payback.

This year get all the help you can. Check out 1THRIVE today and start this school year and homework journey off on the right foot!


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