Autumn Nights Bring Fall Delights!

Autumn Nights Bring Fall Delights!

Fall is the best time of year! You no longer feel yourself melting into a puddle when you walk outside, oversized sweaters and leggings are still popular, and the food is amazing!

Treat yourself this fall with delights other than pumpkin and spice. A few of our favorites are: 

  • Crustless apple pie
  • Cinnamon twirl roly-poly
  • Apple crisp
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (okay, we snuck in one pumpkin recipe)
  • Pecan praline pound cake

Blow out your vanilla-cinnamon scented candle because each of these recipes will fill your home with the delicious aromas of fall. Don’t think you can bake like Betty? These recipes will taste delish even if you end up having a #parentfail moment! (Trust us, we’ve all been there.)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

We’ll admit these recipes may not be of the healthiest origin, but a couple of them do center around a delicious fruit! Which will pair nicely with your glass of pressed grapes.

Crustless apple pie is a new take on a traditional dessert that we’ve been loving. Not much beats an apple pie, but if the thought of dealing with pie crust doesn’t tickle your fancy, this recipe is clearly the best of both worlds!

If you’ve had one of those days where you just need something sweet to take your mind off your troubles, an Apple crisp is a great diversion we recommend. Most of the ingredients you’ll probably have on hand anyway! #Pantry for the win.

And, as is the case with any warm apple dessert, don’t forget the ice cream to top it off!

Cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, oh my!

If you’re thinking about the scents of fall, you can’t miss the sugary sweet smells of these three flavors! We can eat a good old-fashion cinnamon roll anytime, but when we’re trying to impress guests without the baking skills of Julia Child, whip out one of these sweet treats!

The Cinnamon twirl roly-poly might be a recipe you practice once before relying on it for your dinner guests. It’s not hard exactly, but there are some “twists” involved. Once you have it down, you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re talking about mixing textures with flavors, you really must try a Pecan praline pound cake! It has all the staples ̶   brown sugar, vanilla, butter… you know all the stuff that makes it preferable to a salad, and it also gives you a toasty, surprise crunch with pecans!

It wouldn’t truly feel like fall without pumpkins!

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? They’re one of the only fruits primarily bought for decorative purposes. People pay to carve scary faces in them, and then watch as they slowly rot on the front porch year after year. Makes perfect sense, right?

Regardless, You really know fall is in the air when the pumpkin spice comes out. We’re not totally convinced pumpkin-flavored lattes actually taste anything like real pumpkin, but it’s our secret indulgence anyway.

If you’re dying for some real pumpkin flavor, one of our favorite, easy-to-make recipes is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. With pumpkin and chocolate, what could possibly go wrong? There’s just something about the pumpkin flavor mixed with gooey chocolate chips, mmm!

But who has time to make these delicacies?

You do, silly! And if remembering to buy ingredients is a challenge, then it’s not because you need help in the kitchen!

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Plan your meals ahead of time. This way, you know what you need from the grocery store (instead of mindlessly walking the aisles, waiting for inspiration to hit.

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