Keeping Routines with Printables
Download and Print: 5 FREE Ways you can step up your kid’s routines

Download and Print: 5 FREE Ways you can step up your kid’s routines

New [school] year; New you! Keep this fall fresh with 1THRIVE Printables: FREE lists and charts to keep the children marching.

We know it feels like you have zero control over this school year… raise your hand if you purchased new pajamas and wine instead of school clothes and pocket folders? *discreetly raises hand* However, we have a few of our best kept secrets  to share with you!

FREE help with your kid’s routines - all you have to do is hit print and you can have: 

  • Weekly Planners 
  • Chore Charts
  • Routine Lists
  • Reading Lists
  • Dream Bucket Lists

And these just the ones for kids! We also offer printables for grown-ups too, because it can’t always be about the kids. Our other categories include calendars, goals, health, and home. Each offers different charts and lists to help keep your life moving along (even when you want to switch to auto pilot.)

Let a free printable take some weight off your shoulders

With the Weekly Planner printable, your child will know exactly what the deal is with their upcoming week - right down to the hour! Not only are the days of the week listed, but every hour on the hour is as well. This is great for procrastinators (no judgment on where they learned that from! We’re guilty, too) who need that extra reminder that homework is from 4-5 p.m.

The Routine Lists printables are also fantastic for kids who do better with a visualization of their daily to-do’s. There is both a Morning Routine List as well as a Bedtime Routine List that includes everything from making their bed to taking a shower and brushing their teeth. Feel free to highlight the importance of taking showers if anyone else is dealing with the flavorful aroma of a tween in the making.

Both free printables are great for mom and dad, too. Before you can ring the homeschool tardy bell (okay, maybe it’s not an actual bell but more like an exasperated grumble), the kids will be checking off their lists and firing up the chrome books!

The chore struggle is real!

If there’s one area of concern all parents can bond over, it’s getting the kids to help out around the house. Why is it so difficult to put a dirty dish in the dishwasher? Or when the laundry basket is full, throw in a load of laundry?

It’s an endless negotiation in homes across America: will today be the day you see your child’s bedroom floor? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we have something for you!

Another free printable option is our Chore Chart! It’s completely customizable, with areas for daily and weekly chores and also a very tempting “REWARDS” box. Instead of reminding your child repeatedly that the trash goes out on Thursdays, get them in the routine of going over their Chore Chart and checking things off as they get them done.

For extra help with organization and chores, we recommend The Brooke. This 1THRIVE Command Center has everything your family may need to keep life rolling along. It has a monthly whiteboard calendar, a weekly blackboard, and a corkboard. Both the whiteboard and blackboard are magnetic, so that adds another level of customization for your kids. We love the blackboard for meal planning, and the calendar is a real must-have in any home with kids.

Work is necessary and all but what about some fun?

If your kids don’t get as excited about organizing your months and weeks (ranks right up there with new office supplies for mom and dad!) as many parents do, don’t forget to show them these downloads too!

Reading Lists and Dream Bucket Lists, two new and different printables are available now!

The Reading Lists are actually split up into two different charts, one is a super cute image of books that your book lover can add all the stories they are waiting to read this year! The second is an organizing and grading system for reading, which organizes books by title and author and then provides a 5-star rating system. Truly a bookworm’s dream, wouldn’t you say?

The Dream Bucket List is so different from the other “to-do” lists. Your child’s face is going to light up as they think of items to include! We love the idea of planning fun things to experience throughout the year, and whoever thinks to ask the kids what they want to do? The Dream Bucket List includes the young minds in your home in the planning, and hopefully then organizing, of your future adventures!

Life is messy, so pack extra clothes!

Organizing life doesn’t have to be boring. It can help your family have more time to do the things you want to do. If the trip might involve water, it’s not crazy to pack spare outfits. Basically, prepare for life and take the time to create a one-of-a-kind 1THRIVE Command Center, take advantage of our free downloads, and check out all the add-ons.


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