August Craft
August Craft

August Craft

August is here which means Back-to-School! The kids are excited. The parents are excited. How can we contain this excitement?! Let’s make a craft! And why not make that craft School bus Back-to-School Countdown?! Personally my countdown began back in June when they were first released for the Summer but this one can begin with this month. Here’s what you’ll need:


White Paper Plate or Yellow Paper Plate
Yellow Paint/Marker/Crayon
Construction Paper
Sticky Notes (optional)

The paper plate can be any color but if it is yellow, it’ll make your life easier. First cut the paper plate in half. If the paper plate is white, color it yellow using paint, crayons, marker or whatever you have. This will be our bus. Now add black circles for wheels and windows. The easiest way to add a countdown is by attaching sticky notes but you can also use small squares of paper. Number the paper and you have your countdown! I love this craft because it is simple, adorable and a fun interactive decoration I can add to my 1Thrive organizer!

No time for a full craft? No problem! Check out our printable here! Just print, color, cut and add the sticky notes for a Back-to-School Countdown!

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August Craft

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August Craft


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