5 to THRIVE - Spring Cleaning
5 to THRIVE - Spring Cleaning

5 to THRIVE - Spring Cleaning

March marks the month of many things; however, the beginning of spring is, arguably, one of the most exciting. The weather begins to change as we welcome in the warmth, clocks move forward (even though it may take us an extra cup of coffee or two to catch up!), and we look forward to a new season of decluttering, organization and a renewed sense of hope and growth. What better way to turn a new leaf into springtime than with spring cleaning?

Of course, while the past year has already been surrounded by cleaning every surface multiple times a day, it doesn’t mean we can’t dedicate some of our time spring cleaning because, this time, you’ll be cleaning to declutter so you have more space – physically and mentally – for what matters most during this season and beyond: quality time with those you love. While the act of cleaning might seem monotonous to some, 1THRIVE has the perfect five-day checklist to move you forward into the new season with no overwhelm and plenty of gusto!

Let’s dig in!

Your Five-Day Spring-Cleaning Checklist:

  • Entryway & Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Dining Room & Family Room
  • Bedrooms

Day One

Whenever you decide to dust off the Swiffer and start cleaning, beginning with smaller spaces make the entire project of cleaning your house a little less daunting, and allow for a more levelheaded approach to the process.

Declutter your entryway by clearing out old papers, recycling what you no longer need, filing away what you need for later (you can never have too much storage!) Sweep away dust which has accumulated over the year, and ensure everything is in its proper place.

Once you move over to the living room, now’s the time to wash your pillows and throw blankets (if that isn’t already a part of your weekly #laundry regimen), clean the windows, coffee table, steam clean the couch cushions and recover that spare change you lost weeks ago – and put your kids’ and pet’s toys back in their respective play pens. At least until they decide to take them out a few minutes later, of course.

With a 1THRIVE Decorative Wall Organizer you can map out your spring-cleaning checklist on the black weekly 1WRITE board. Once you finish your cleaning task for the day, you can cross off entryway and living room on your board and look forward to day two! #progressoverperfection

Day Two

There’s nothing better than a clean and organized kitchen. We know the kitchen is the heart of your home, and that you’ve probably had that one miscellaneous drawer or cabinet where things are shoved in your weekly cleaning blitz, never to see the light of day again.

Moving on, however! Day two of your spring-cleaning week will lead you to pantry cleaning and organizing, vacuuming the floor of all the crumbs, wiping down cabinets and surfaces, and clearing out your refrigerator, especially the week-old leftovers that, even though they swore they’d eat, your kids just weren’t in the mood for when dinner time came around. #thestruggle 

Don’t forget to empty out your kitchen drawers of loose papers, receipts, paper clips, half eaten granola bars, rubber bands and other – likely very important – files that have been tucked away and forgotten. There is no better place to store those away than on a 1THRIVE Wall File Holder, available in four different finishes. Choose whichever fits your style best – from farmhouse to boho to minimalist and back, your kitchen will now look classy and chic as well as organized and easy to manage. 

Keep in mind that you are dedicating your day to clearing out your kitchen and making it look spotless. There is no rush to this process — all that matters is your kitchen space looks clean, organized, and flawless.*

(*Until the little ones wake up from their nap.)

Day Three

On day three you can now move onto cleaning your home’s bathrooms.

Toss empty containers, wipe down handles, counters, and faucets, and disinfect all of your bathroom’s surfaces. You’re probably already doing this on a regular basis due to the times we’re living in, but if not, now is the perfect opportunity.

Also make sure to restock on any products that you’re out of so you can start spring on a high note – jot down any necessities you need to pick up from the store on the blank space on your large black or white 1WRITE Wall Calendar Board, or your white 1WRITE Notes & To Do!

Day Four

Next, you can move on to cleaning the dining room. The dining room is most likely where you spend your mornings, afternoons, and nights eating, but also sitting down, talking, and working (from home.)

Make sure to declutter and clean the table from crumbs and other accumulated dirt, wipe down the chairs and other surfaces, and dust the blinds.

A clean dining room will start you and your family off on a better page leading into the season.

If your 1THRIVE Family Command Center is in your dining room, make sure you update it to your spring calendar. When you walk past it every day, it will look organized and inviting!

Day Five

Lastly, move onto cleaning the bedrooms. While cleaning out bedrooms might seem like a daunting task, it can easily be done and will lead to spotless rooms. Move through area by area, beginning with closets, armoires, desks and nightstands. Toss what you don’t need, donate what can still be used by others and take the time to put what you do need all back in its proper place.

Wipe down dusty surfaces, dust those high up, hard to reach spaces, and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

We spend a lot of our time in our bedroom, and they have become sanctuaries for more than just you, but also your children, during these times. Whether it is sleeping, homework time, or lounging and watching Netflix, our rooms get incredibly messy. We owe it to ourselves to ensure we are living in a healthy and clean space.

Spring cleaning can definitely seem like an intimidating task to take on. When living in a space with a lot of surfaces and rooms, cleaning in only five days might seem virtually impossible. However, utilizing your 1THRIVE Home Command Center to keep yourself organized and on track will lead you to a spotless home in no time. Happy Spring!


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