5 Steps to Make Your Dust Bunnies Hop Away with Spring Cleaning
5 Steps to Make Your Dust Bunnies Hop Away with Spring Cleaning

5 Steps to Make Your Dust Bunnies Hop Away with Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring is like the New Year’s Day of household organization. No, not because you feel like celebrating with mimosas (but we’re certainly not going to stop you) but because of the hope that it represents. The sun is shining – or will be soon – and new life is blossoming. There’s no better time to make room for personal growth.

Look, whether you want to or not, you need to clean up. Not you personally, but all of us do. If we do most of our cleaning and decluttering at a predetermined time of year, it’s easier to carry that momentum forward.

Spring is the ideal time on the calendar for a deep clean – hibernation is over, and no holidays are vying for our time and attention. We’re going to share with you how to:

  • Make a schedule – and stick to it
  • Make tasks manageable
  • Remove the clutter
  • Work from top to bottom
  • Add personal touches once you’re finished deep cleaning

We’re doing this. It’s going to feel good – maybe not until afterward, but trust us on this one. Future you is going to be thrilled. She’ll probably even buy you another bottle of wine to celebrate the win.

Steps for spring cleaning

Before Starting: Visualize your space decluttered and sparkling clean and how that will make you feel.

Everything starts with a plan and the appropriate supplies. Make a list of those household projects that you’ve been putting off for far too long. Is it time to scrub the patio furniture? Wash the outside of the windows? Clean the grout? Yes, now is the time for the chores you like the least. Do some brainstorming about what would feel good to get done and write it down somewhere that you can see it. Accountability is key.

Second, but also essential, make sure you have the right supplies for the jobs that you’ll be doing. Replenish cleaning supplies, buy storage bins, change your vacuum’s filter – eliminate excuses before you feel the need to make them.

Step 1: Make a schedule and include the whole family!

“Clean the whole house this weekend,” is neither a plan nor a schedule. Simply writing that sentence makes us want to take a nap. It’s overwhelming, ineffective, and unlikely. Would you get some cleaning done with that plan? Possibly. Will it be organized, productive, and efficient? Highly unlikely.

Assign yourself an hour a day, a day each week, a weekend each month – whatever you’re capable of actually accomplishing – and write the focus for that cleaning session on your command center, where you’ll be reminded each time that you pass by.

For instance, on Monday, you’ll deep clean the kitchen. This weekend you’ll scrub the patio furniture. Sunday is for more mimosas and planning your week. Whatever it takes to make this happen.

Step 2: Break your chores into manageable steps

In the same vein as the advice above, it’s also helpful to break your chores down into manageable steps. So, yes, you’re going to clean the kitchen on Monday – now make a “to-do” list of what exactly that entails.

This is spring cleaning, so we’re talking more about finishing the dishes and wiping the countertops. Are you going to clean the oven? Reorganize cabinets? Wash the curtains? Write it all down, starting with the three most important chores, and post it near your schedule for easy accessibility and a reminder to stay on track.

Step 3: Declutter

Deep Breaths. Take a look around you and visualize your plan. Create a vision board and really see the room that you’re standing in. Turn up your favorite jam, LOUD. (Some J. Lo “Let’s Get Loud” always does it for us.)

As you start each room or area, have some boxes, bins, or bags on hand for items to keep, recycle, throw away, sell, or donate.

Get rid of items that are worn, broken, have gone unused, have duplicates of, or haven’t been serving a purpose unless they’re sentimental, and be honest with yourself about that.

Uncluttered space has value. You spend less time trying to find stuff, less time cleaning around clutter, and it just looks and feels nice. Clearing out clutter helps clear your mind.

Once you’ve finished decluttering a space, take your donate box to a drop-off center right away. Don’t put it in the garage or the trunk of your car “for later.” Get rid of it now and go buy yourself some ice cream for a job well done.

And the best part of decluttering? You can go back to your vision board and even shop for a new item (or two) to jazz up your new clear space!

Step 4: Start Cleaning - work from top to bottom

Once you’re motivated, it’s tempting to dive right into whichever chore is the most appealing at the moment. However, a systematic approach ensures that you get every nook and cranny.

Start at one corner of the room and work from the top down – dust crown molding, wash curtains, wipe surfaces, clean baseboards, and vacuum floors.

Having a dedicated process makes sure you don’t just wander around looking for stuff to do and will help you finish faster. It also makes sure you eventually catch up with all that dirt and dust that falls during your progress.

Step 5: Decorate and ENJOY - it’s peony season (our favorite!)

Last but not least, because this part is the most fun, reward yourself after you’ve finished deep cleaning each space by adding a personal touch. Is it time for a new shower curtain? A small area rug? A potted plant? Matching lamps?

Work little upgrades that tie the room together into your budget for the month and look forward to incorporating these items into your new and improved spaces.

Create a plan to conquer clutter; be realistic, strategic, efficient, and try to make it fun. Once you organize the space you inhabit, you may find that it’s easier to organize the rest of your life, as well.

Start THRIVING and see what happens. Not sure how to set up your 1THRIVE Center to begin your spring cleaning endeavor? Check out our Ideas Library to find the inspiration you need to command your life.

1THRIVE creates beautiful, customizable command centers with interchangeable components that support your efforts to live a more organized life. Find your ideal 1THRIVE Center and sign up for our newsletter for promotions and more advice on living your best life.


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