1THRIVEr of the Month: How Yari’s Command Center Changed Her Life
1THRIVEr of the Month: Yari, an Entrepreneur Who Found a Way to Have It ALL!

1THRIVEr of the Month: Yari, an Entrepreneur Who Found a Way to Have It ALL!

Yari tells us that life as a business owner wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. However, getting organized has helped her achieve her goals, both in her career and personal life!

Yari used to keep both her business and family organized by using traditional paper planners. However, she quickly found that her system was failing her. Deadlines approached unexpectedly, and home-cooked dinners were becoming less and less frequent as she tried to balance both work and family.

Getting organized has helped her business flourish!

Owning her own business means Yari needs to stay on top of her workload, and the only way to achieve that is by being organized! That’s why she chose The Susan as her home office command center. Now she can: 

  • visualize deadlines
  • plan weekly content
  • organize reminders

Yari loves using the large monthly calendar to keep track of her deadlines. It’s never a surprise like when you flip the page of your planner and see you have two major deadlines this week. There’s nothing worse than starting your Monday already feeling like you’re behind. Yikes!

She needed to have the visual on her wall in plain sight. Having a 1THRIVE Command Center has made running a business so much easier and less stressful.

Her business isn’t the only area that needed help

For her family, Yari knew she needed to focus on their evening meals. It’s a time that her whole family comes together after a busy day, and it’s something that had, for the most part, gone missing.

That’s why Yari and her husband decided on The Rachel for a command center in their kitchen. This Center provides all the tools their growing family needed to get organized, offering them a place for:

  • weekly meal planning
  • monthly appointments
  • important reminders
  • a place to hang keys

The kitchen is a place where the whole family spends time each day, so it was the obvious choice for their command center.

Dinner is an important time for family

With the help of the weekly blackboard, Yari and her husband can plan dinner every day of the week. This preparation helps with the grocery shopping and answers that pesky, daily question, “What’s for dinner?”

Having dinner planned for the week takes the stress out of your day-to-day, and it’s sure to cut down on your monthly pizza delivery, too! Yari says, “Now I don’t have to wake up every day and brainstorm what to cook!”

Trust us, she’s got enough brainstorming on her plate for her business, and that’s where Rachel comes in. It may seem simple, but it’s great knowing that one task is already taken care of, especially when you’re busy running a business!

Even better, knowing what the evening meal will be ahead of time means her husband can jump in the kitchen some nights to start things up ahead of time! What better way to get on your wife’s good side, right? Team work makes the dream work, especially when you’ve got a gal like Rachel to tag in with a visual reminder of what’s on the menu for the evening.

Honey, where are my keys?

The added bonus of their kitchen command center is that it offers a place for more than just planning their meals. If you’ve ever headed out the door but realized you can’t find your keys, then you understand the problem. This is why Yari and her husband love the hooks strip on their envelope holder! They say they’re perfect for giving their keys a “home.” A home within a home. Now, doesn’t that sound cozy?

Sometimes, it’s these little things that make life easier. Knowing what’s the plan for dinner and where my car keys are when we’re ready to run out the door. 

Yari and her husband appreciate these small things that add up to making their home more organized and stress-free.

Less time stressing, more time vacationing!

Now that Yari has her business and family organized, she can’t wait to spend more time taking fun trips! Maybe, she’ll even make it back to Italy one of these years. Or perhaps she’ll branch out and try the vineyards somewhere else! You know what they say. Veni, vidi, vici!

Getting her life organized has definitely allowed Yari and her family to spend more time together. Whether it’s in the evening relaxing or on some planned trip. Her 1THRIVE Command Centers have brought more peace to her life, and for that, she’s thankful.

How can you become our next 1THRIVEr?

It’s so easy! All you have to do is join our community, The 1THRIVErs, and share some photos of your home or  office life BEFORE 1THRIVE and then what your transformed space looks like for a chance to be selected.

If you’re selected, you’ll be contacted to answer some questions about yourself and how 1THRIVE has helped you!

Thank you, Yari, for sharing your story and helping others see how 1THRIVE can help them! Be sure to check out our blog, accessories, and ideas. We’re always adding new things! And of course, keep on THRIVING!


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