Sarah and Her Stylists Set Clear Cut Goals
1THRIVEr of the Month: Sarah and Her Stylists Set Clear Cut Goals

1THRIVEr of the Month: Sarah and Her Stylists Set Clear Cut Goals

They were dye-ing to get organized. How a 1THRIVE Center transformed a hair salon

You may recognize our 1THRIVEr of the Month from a previous feature; yes, this is the same Sarah, but in a slightly different role as a hashtag girl boss. (I think it’s funnier to write out the word hashtag, and I won’t let you take that away from me. Hashtag blessed.)

A home command center helped organize her busy home life and served as a valuable tool to teach her children about the importance of goal setting, accountability, and staying organized. This time around, Sarah shows us how she used her 1THRIVE Center in her business to:

  • Create a visual hub of information
  • Keep a community calendar
  • Find an attractive solution
  • Celebrate each other’s special occasions
  • Commit to setting and achieving goals

Sarah wanted the same sense of organized achievement in her salon and decided to implement a similar system there.

“It’s really hard for me,” Sarah explained when asked about staying organized. “Being at home with three busy kids and owning a business – I’m hoping the command centers will pull those both together; that it will be a great way to communicate with my team and my family what’s going on day to day, month to month, and to get clear on our goals and shared schedules.”

Like many moms and business owners, Sarah is constantly seeking to balance the two most important jobs in her life. She opened her salon two and a half years ago, making a point to find a location that was both close to her home and her children’s school.

Now she’s trying to free up some of the administrative duties that come with owning a salon so that she can find the flexibility to be more present for her family.

Getting everyone in her life organized helped with that goal.

Our previous method was not where it’s at

Sarah and her girls were using a hodge-podge system in the salon – a corkboard with flyers pinned everything and phone notifications. It was not a good place.

“Before we just had a corkboard and pinned up flyers for different events coming up – and it was a hot mess. With the 1THRIVE Center, it feels like we’re much more organized, and we love the mirror so that we can make sure we look good before we walk out the door after lunch. Having something more clean-cut has helped us as a team and improved our appearance outside of the break room.”

A better way to organize

Although they’re just getting started with integrating the 1THRIVE Center in the salon, it’s already had a big impact and is much more visual and functional.

Initially, Sarah thought the calendar would be the most helpful part of the system, but they’ve also been using the magnets and chalkboard components a lot too. Keeping the command center in a central location makes it a natural focus of each day and an ongoing topic of conversation.

The calendar is updated with monthly meeting dates, continuing education workshops, and holiday open houses as well as community-related activities that may affect business, like homecomings and prom season. Sarah also lists staff birthdays and celebrations to make sure each team member is honored on their special days.

Unique business use for the center involves goal setting

“We have two new stylists fresh off the floor, so setting monthly goals for them is a great idea,” Sarah explained. “With the 1THRIVE Center, we now have a space for short and long-term goals. Our short-term goal for new stylists is being able to book two appointments per day. Long-term, I want them to work on our steps of success:

  • Greeting clients with a warm welcome
  • Advising clients with informative consultations
  • Providing awesome shampoo jobs with special perks like hot towels and hand massages
  • Superior haircutting and styling
  • Educating clients about appropriate products for their hair type or style
  • Checking out efficiently and booking the next appointment

The ability to write these goals down adds a sense of accountability. Sarah eventually plans to take this idea a step further by incorporating one of our printable goal sheets and by assigning each stylist her own 1THRIVE Center to update and maintain.

Creating a company-wide culture of setting and achieving goals supports and encourages the personal and professional development of each staff member, allows newer stylists to clearly see their intended career path, and promotes a healthy sense of competition and even mentorship between more experienced stylists and new hires.

The 1THRIVE Center serves as an ever-present community hub for Sarah and her stylists. She’s eliminated inquiries about when meetings or events are happening, created a conversational focus, provided a platform to celebrate each other’s special occasions and achievements, and clearly defined the expectations of the business, all in one easy-to-configure organizational system.

That’s THRIVING, and we love to see it work at work.

1THRIVE creates beautiful, customizable command centers with interchangeable components that support your efforts to live a more organized life. Find your ideal 1THTIVE Center here and follow us on Facebook for more advice on living your best life.


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