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1THRIVEr of the Month: Alyssa, a First Responder, Who Responded to Her Family’s Organizational Needs

1THRIVEr of the Month: Alyssa, a First Responder, Who Responded to Her Family’s Organizational Needs

As a nurse and mom to two kids, Alyssa’s life can be hectic inside and outside of the house. Luckily, she found the perfect cure to organize her home.

To say Alyssa has her hands full would be an understatement! When she’s not working as a nurse in Nashville, TN, she’s chasing her kids (and her adorable pug!) around the house. However, Alyssa found a solution to keep her life organized and under control: the 1THRIVE Command Center. 

In this 1THRIVER of the Month feature, Alyssa kept it real and told us why she loves her 1THRIVE Center for her family:

  • Planning family activities
  • Organizing work schedules
  • Meal planning with the entire family
  • Setting and achieving goals 

Two different approaches to organization 

In the past, Alyssa, like many preschool-age moms, made good use of the paper and pen method to keep track of her busy life. She used a classic bulletin board with little pieces of paper to keep track of work and her kids’ appointments.

As her kids started to grow and participate in more activities (sports, day care, summer camps — you know the deal), her reminders began to pile up. Add in her own stresses from her job as a nurse and there was no longer any room left on the bulletin board for all that paper.

On the other hand, her husband had ditched the paper and pen method long ago. He preferred programming life on his hand-held device. With demanding jobs and kids who demanded their attention (in the best way possible, of course), Alyssa and her husband both realized their lives were only getting busier, and they had to make a change. That’s when Alyssa found 1THRIVE!

1THRIVE to the rescue!

Alyssa said the Brooke has practically become the sixth member of their family. Brooke even gets her own room: the pantry! Like many of us, Alyssa’s family members often find themselves going to the pantry to grab a quick snack. Alyssa quickly realized this would be the perfect place to set up her family’s organizational hub. 

Whenever anyone goes to grab something to eat, Brooke is there to remind them of their goals and upcoming activities. Besides using the calendar whiteboard for their work schedules, Alyssa’s favorite feature of her 1THRIVE Center is the weekly blackboard.

We all know how difficult it can be to plan meals for two picky little eaters. There has to be more they want to eat besides mac & cheese and chicken nuggets, right? However, Alyssa has found that the 1THRIVE has simplified meal planning, with less whining from her kids. 

Every Sunday, Alyssa’s family comes together to write their menu for the week on the weekly blackboard. Now, her kids know exactly what to expect and are less likely to push the broccoli off their plate when dinner comes around. Who knew meal planning could be such a fun bonding activity?

“It’s perfect for planning meals for the week,” Alyssa said. “No surprises! Everyone knows what’s on the menu and when!”

Kids can thrive too!

Alyssa is not the only one in her household commanding life with the 1THRIVE Center. Her son tracks his chores using his very own rewards chart. Alyssa attached a cork strip from our 1THRIVE add-ons to the bottom of her system so that he can easily reach. How cute?

“It’s been such a help that the kids have a visualization of what their goals are and how close they are to earning them!” Alyssa said.

Less mishaps, more laughs 

Alyssa knows that mom life has its ups and downs. That’s why she decided to create a brutally honest Instagram account with her friend, who’s also a nurse. Called @sosomomlife, their account is full of hilarious memes and mom quotes. (Check it out, it’s SO relatable.)

Alyssa acknowledges that she’s not a picture perfect mom, but she embraces it and always has a good laugh. Take, for instance, a little mishap last December due to a missed email from school. Her son showed up to class on Christmas wearing his Sunday best ensemble. Perfect, right? Wrong. It was a pajama themed school day. No doubt it was an adorable outfit though!

With her 1THRIVE Center, Alyssa and her husband now have a singular place to keep all these details. No more missed emails and no more botched attires on any day, especially never again on Christmas!

How can you become the next 1THRIVEr of the Month?

Send us some pictures for starters! We want to see what your space looked like before 1THRIVE entered and then the transformation after picture once you’ve installed your command center. It’s that easy! You’ll then be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card!

If you win, you will be contacted so we can learn a little about you and how 1THRIVE has helped you and your family. And then you’ll get to be included in one of these awesome blogs!

Thanks, Alyssa, for sharing your story! Keep checking out our 1THRIVE blogs, ideas, and add-ons. We’re always updating, innovating, and THRIVING! 

As a token of our appreciation during these uncertain times, we are giving 10% off 1THRIVE products for first responders and medical staff like Alyssa. Check out our discount page here for all our discount codes.


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